Hi there.

My name is Jo and last year I crossed the big 4 – 0 threshold.  I know some people dread getting older but for me it so liberating that I wish I had got here sooner.  Much of my thirties were distessing so I was happy to leave them behind. 

During Easter 2005 I came down with M.E. (a.k.a Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and it turned my life upside down.  As a result, I found God as I had never done so before and that is what this blog is about: finding God is new and unexpected ways.

My faith as a Christian is often deep and complex.  I am in awe of the healing God has been doing in my life since getting ill but still struggle to come to terms with suffering in any sense. 

For me a perfect day is to spend the morning chilling; reading from whatever book I have on the go at that moment. Then later on meeting a mate for a coffee, where the conversation flows from weight/family*/etc then onto a smattering of theology, philosophy & psychology before drifting onto the trite but fun items that keep us sane such as our thoughts of the latest Zac Efron film.  And all before the froth has disappeared from the first cappuccino.

*For those interested, family includes one son (aged 10, going on 15), one husband (whose age doesn’t get mentioned around here) and one cat (who seems to have a severe emotional need for constant attention).

Finally, I love all things creative (as well as purple).  Hence the above photo of Gaudi’s bench.

Oh… and I love quotes.  So here is one to finish with.


“I want to know God’s Thoughts ….
the rest are details.”

Albert Einstein













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